We've had some inquiries about what we would do if the weather doesn't cooperate, This year we've built in a contingency plan for inclement weather and will now host the event indoors if the weather isn't desirable.

The Day party will continue Indoor / Outdoor depending on weather going forward. 


We're beyond grateful for the amount of interest that our event has gained over the last year. We have something special for each of you over the next 13 weeks of Summer starting June 11th 2016 and continuing every Saturday thereafter.

At the moment of writing this we've been sold out of the advance tickets 3 times and have increased the amount of available tickets to accommodate those that are interested in attending. 

We are encouraging all guests to arrive as early as possible. 

For those who are requesting / inquiring about booths we are officially sold out, please note all booths are required to arrive before 4pm, failure to do so may result in forfeiture of booth. 

We look forward to seeing you all, save a dance for us. 

See you on the roof (or inside) 

You're Soo Butter Baby!